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Oferta de dominio o estafa ?

#1 por (Iniciador del hilo) ooscar el Jue Nov 30, 2017 11:05 am

Hola a todos,

Necesito vuestro consejo, una empresa Japonesa me ha contactado para comprarme por un pastón un dominio que tengo en propiedad.

La verdad es q me sono muy extraño y no hice caso, pero están insistiendo.

Es dejo el mensaje para que me aconsejéis si es un procedimiento normal o es un timo.

Hello! I represent a buyer from Japan who wants to purchase for a new web project.

I've found your address via WHO IS.

My client is interested in purchasing your domain. If it's still for sale please get back to me.

He offers a good price. If it's not enough please let me know.

I'm working with many investors in Japan. If you have other names please email me the list.

Best regards,

Kamiko Nakamura

Domain Broker

ZenLogic Hosting Inc.



Phone: 8167764753xx

Commission of our company is only 5%. The commission is divided between you and the buyer as 50%/50% and paid after you get the money.
The buyer offers $30,000. If it's not enough please let me know and we will negotiate.

He will pay you money via Authorize Net (First German) Escrow. They support buyers from Asia and it's important for my buyer. He can only pay in YEN (JPY) and they will convert them into USD or EUROS to send you the payment. The escrow supports many payment methods and you will be able to receive your money easily.

Do you have a certificate? It's required by the buyer's bank.

The certificate must include the following to be accepted by my buyer:
- Ownership verification (the certification agency must confirm you are a legal owner).
- Legal verification (proves the domain has no problems with trademarks or other problems with the law in Japan).
- Restriction verification (the domain must not be pledged or sold to third parties).
- The certificate must be up to date (issued during last 30 days)
- Copy of the certificate in Japanese (required by the buyer's bank).
- The certification agency must be authorized by my buyer and his bank.

My buyer is a professional investor and he won't be able to send you the payment without this certificate. There is no other way for you and us to finish the sale. The payment to you will be made via escrow service to protect both parties during the transaction.

You can read about certification agency that is accepted by his bank and supports a copy in Japanese at Google Answers: (I've made short form of the long Google Answers link. “Domain Broker” is my nickname).

The process is very easy (you can do everything online in several minutes):

1. Go to the certificate agency site accepted by my client and order the certificate. The service recommended at Google Answers is accepted by the buyer's bank (they support Japanese and English languages).

2. After they approve your request please make the payment. The certificate will be sent to your email within several hours. Send the certificate to me and we will start the sale process the same day.

Our company also takes care about you as a seller. There is no risk for you to lose the money after ordering the certificate even if something goes wrong. The recommended certification agency won't send you the payment instructions if your domain has some legal problems.

They also provide full money back guarantee if you don't sell your domain vie their escrow service within 15 days.

If you are new to the certification process or unsure which certification agency to use, I can help you with the step by step instructions how to order a proper certificate online.
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Re: Oferta de dominio o estafa ?

#2 por muchacho el Jue Nov 30, 2017 12:59 pm

Timo, quieren que pagues por una "certificación" y luego adiós muy buenas.

Es habitual, mira este hilo por ejemplo:
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Re: Oferta de dominio o estafa ?

#3 por f-x el Sab Dic 09, 2017 2:48 am

Exacto ooscar, como dice muchacho, es un timo muy viejo, que por cierto pensé que ya no lo hacían desde hace muchos años :o
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